Scout Leader Released After 13 Year Old Crashes Restored Car Into Church

Kent Taylor, a 36 year old scoutmaster of the Sebring, Florida Ward was released from his calling after one of his scouts, a 13 year old boy who cannot be named, drove a car the troop had restored into the church.

“We had worked on that car for almost two months before finishing it. I decided that the scouts deserved to be rewarded for their hard work and let them take turns driving it around the parking lot.” Kent told us.

“Driving the car was fun. Brother Taylor set up cones in the parking lot and we took turns driving around them. He wouldn’t let us go more than ten miles an hour, so I made up for it by hitting a few cones.” One scout said.

“At first everything was going well. The boys were being safe and other than hitting a few cones, they were great drivers. Much better that some of the people in the ward.” Kent said.

“After a while we got bored and dared each other to see if the car would fit through the double door of the church. After a few minutes, someone volunteered to try it.” A scout said.

The thirteen year old drove the car through the door. Then he parked in the sacrament lobby. Kent Taylor ran in to access the damage and make sure the boy wasn’t hurt. There was broken glass everywhere but fortunately, nobody was hurt. After a minute, the young women and bishop arrived to see what had happened.

“Everybody was in shock when they saw what had happened. The bishop told the young woman’s leader to watch the scouts while he talked to me in his office. He was furious and demanded to know what happened. After I explained what had happened, he released me. I’ll miss the scouts, but I suppose this was a good opportunity to teach them about taking responsibility for your actions.” Kent said.

“I’m going to miss Brother Taylor. He always let us do fun things! Like that time when we got to have an airsoft war in the church. Or when he made homemade smoke flares.” A scout told us.

According to the bishop, the cost of replacing the door was split between Kent and the boy’s parents. He also told us that he would be sure to go over the safe scouting guidelines with the next scout master.

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